Research Verifies Positive Effects From the Herbal Supplement Tongkat Ali

Research has confirmed certain benefits from taking the herbal supplement Tongkat Ali extract, botanically known as Euricoma longifolia. It has been shown as effective for enhancing testosterone levels and improving libido, as well as for increasing natural energy. Men commonly take this product to boost their sex drive and performance, and to enhance their athletic abilities. Interestingly, research shows benefits for women as well in regard to a stronger sex drive, reduced fatigue and stabilization of moods.


Traditionally, people in Asia consumed Euricoma longifolia as a rejuvenating substance. The positive effects explain why they viewed it this way. It has long been considered a tonic for general well-being. In traditional Asian medicine, doctors would sometimes prescribe the herb to patients who were feeling depressed and lethargic. Its use goes back to ancient times.

Hormonal Effects

The main effect of Tongkat Ali is on hormone levels. In addition to boosting testosterone to healthy levels, it appears to decrease production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Release of cortisol is important when people are facing dangerous situations because it makes them more alert and ready to react. However, many individuals are afflicted with chronic high cortisol levels because of chronic stress in their lives. That’s an unhealthy physical response that can eventually cause high blood sugar, high blood pressure, lowered immunity to illness and other negative effects. Long-term elevated cortisol also makes people tired and less interested in activities they used to find enjoyable.


Euricoma longifolia appears to be especially helpful when combined with an exercise program. That’s especially good news for people who want to include this supplement as part of their fitness regimen.


The studies have used standardized extracts, an aspect that is essential for high quality. People interested in buying Tongkat Ali should read labels to find those that are standardized for a certain percentage of the active ingredient, which in this case is Eurycomacone. The percentage does not have to be high for an herbal extract to be safe and effective. With this supplement, consumers are advised to only buy containing between 2.4 and 2.7 percent of the active component.