The Benefits of Using a Facial Serum

To get gorgeous skin with a cleanser, tonic, and moisturizer, people should add a serum for face to their daily skin care routine. Composed of nutrients, ceramides, glycerin, and natural ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera, and vitamins C, K and E, skin serums are oils or water-based products. These have the ability to penetrate deep into a person’s pores, making the possible results phenomenal.

Facial serums are setting the standard

Unlike other products, these have a higher concentration of active ingredients and are generally in the form of a creamy gel. No need to smother your face with serum, a peanut-sized sample is enough. Each facial serum available can be intended to solve a specific problem of the skin, so the benefits of each product may vary.

As this treatment is highly concentrated with nourishing ingredients, it helps restore hydration and elasticity of the skin, while also regulating the body’s sebum secretion (oil production).

Benefits to be aware of

The most common advantages surround its moisturizing properties while clearing up the skin and preventing acne. The serum also helps to strengthen skin cells. Facial serums could contain up to 75% active ingredients, while facial creams contain around 10%!

No wonder these powerful products offer a larger concentration of nutrients, more deeply absorbed by the skin. Serum should always be used as directed because excessive use may cause irritation.

Moisturizing properties at their best

A facial serum could be beneficial for some simply based on its moisturizing properties. Some moisturizing serums contain essential oils that will help people regulate their body’s natural production of oil in the skin. Some may also include hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing ingredient that nourishes the skin and helps improve elasticity and suppleness.

The benefit of a facial serum, compared to that of usual moisturizers, is that hyaluronic acid or essential oils are able to absorb facial serum quickly and, thus, can reach deeper layers of the skin that gels and creams may not. Some people find that using a facial serum just once every couple of days can provide plenty of moisture to help their skin to look and feel healthy.