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The Pros and Cons between Wallpaper and Painting

Because home decoration, especially on flooring, fixtures or wall coverings, can be a costly undertaking and that any decision taken results into a long term effect, it is always a good idea to do much preparation, planning, and research first before immediately embarking on a home decoration project. By making an intelligent decision, which is based on your research and cost computations, you are likely confident in carrying out which wall covering is suitable in your rooms.

By considering the current conditions in your rooms, such as existing wallpapers or old paints on the wall and the kind of wall surfaces, you are able to easily decide which can be a better wall covering. If the rooms are covered with wallpaper, choosing to paint over the wallpapers is generally a bad idea, because the quality of the paint will be ruined and wallpaper removal will become much harder, later on; however, putting a new wallpaper over an old one is acceptable, provided that the old one is not a vinyl type of wallpaper.

Discovering that wallpapers provide these advantages: they are versatile, which means you can have a wide range of options; they are elegant with a vast choice of classic mural designs; they are durable because they last between 10 to 15 years; they are cost effective since your initial investment spans up to 15 years; and they can be customized according to your personal taste, you are able then to weigh down between the pros and cons of using wallpapers. The cons of using wallpapers are: humidity can make the wallpaper peel off, more time is needed to apply wallpapers, initial investment is expensive, and matching the wallpaper design may be difficult.
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Now that you have carefully considered the pros and cons of using wallpapers, by shifting your attention to paints, here are the advantages of paints: it is practical to use since it is easy to paint and redecorating can be done many times over; it is least expensive since its initial cost is cheap; it is easy to change the paint color; while the disadvantages are: they are messy to use so you have to be careful not to stain the floors, furniture and fixtures in each room; it is less permanent since they have a short life term and fades later on; it is less flexible since there are limits to the color combination; and it cannot be customized such that paint designs are expensive and hard to accomplish.
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By keeping these pros and cons in mind, wallpaper allows for more customized design, more permanent and long term, and great personal taste in each room design, while paint is quicker, easier, but requires more upkeep maintenance, with less customized design, you should take enough time to make the right decision, knowing that you must first be pleased with whatever decision you have made.